A New Rank Tracker On The Block – SEOlium

March 25th, 2020 Posted by rank trackers 1 comment

A new rank tracker is on the block! Compared to many of the leading rank trackers out there on the market, SEOlium is by far the BEST rank tracker I have worked with…and I used MANY!!!

Unlike many competitors, SEOlium produces, owns, and fully controls their raw data (Google ranks).

To ensure 99.7% accuracy across a large number of local, state/national, and Worldwide SEO projects, their algorithms use a combination of cutting-edge technologies and human calibration:

  • daily accuracy check routine
  • advanced search operators
  • throttled residential proxies that cover any zip-code in the world
  • manual data accuracy validation check by human testers
  • automatic data corroboration between SEOlium and Google Search Console

The developer, Radu, is knowledgable and helpful if you have any questions!

They are running a great Grand Opening sale! Check them out here.

One comment

Kyriakos says:

I am using SEOlium for some months and I have to say that is really PRO. Not average.
You can analyze your rankings in a very user friendly way. Prices are also great.

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