Case Study 1: A medical transportation company



The client: a medical transportation company that specializes in the non-emergency long distance transport of senior citizens, disabled persons, injured individuals, special needs community, and anyone with mobility restrictions, who are unable to commute on their own. The client

  • offers long distance ambulatory, stretcher, wheelchair transportation and shuttle services in Atlanta
  • provides translation services, onsite interpretation, and document translation for global clients
  • seeks an SEO partner that can help improve their web presence at a low cost


The client sought an SEO partner that had a proven track record of producing good search engine results and that would employ their search engine optimization skills to improve their web presence. What we were seeking:

  • boosting their website ranking
  • using expert SEO skills to help the client’s website scale up in the search engines
  • employing our diverse techniques to help increase traffic and leads for the client’s website
  • enabling them to position themselves strategically in the search engines
  • finding search engine optimized keywords that had less competition in the industry


While the task seemed tough, since the client had low budget and a lower ranking, it wasn’t difficult for us. The actions we took to address the challenges included:

  • using our SEO skills to optimize the client’s website
  • researching the best relevant keywords targeting the market audience, which included special needs transportation Atlanta and Atlanta medical transportation
  • writing impactful, appealing, and highly competitive content on medical transportation and onsite translation and interpretation in Atlanta, telling the readers why they must choose this company’s services
  • uploading the optimized content on the client’s WordPress blog every week



Our dedicated efforts and commitment bore fruits. The actions we took resulted in:

  • higher ranking for the client’s website, which rose from nowhere in the search engines to become one of the top websites in the niche
  • higher conversion of leads into customers into sales
  • more profit for the client
  • appreciation and more business from the client


Case Study 2: A criminal defense attorney



The client is a popular Atlanta criminal defense lawyer. His practice areas include misdemeanor offenses and serious felony offenses. The client:


  • is dedicated to the defense of individuals facing criminal charges
  • represents clients at every stage of the case
  • has a proven track record of success
  • had a website that did not score any hits, nor perform well or bring him more clients



The website lacked enough appeal to bring traffic or attract clients. The client wanted fast results. In that situation, Silver Web Solutions looked at the following, which included

  • improving their online presence through our Internet marketing techniques
  • using our SEO and web marketing skills, experience, knowledge, and expertise to optimize their website
  • helping improve their brand image among the target audience
  • getting them more website traffic to help improve their ranking in the search engines
  • boosting conversion rates and turning leads into sales
  • maximizing their effectiveness in the search engines
  • complying with Google Panda and Penguin updates


It is not an easy task to transform a non-performing website into one that ranks high in the search engines. The task seemed difficult, but was not impossible for us. We brought our SEO and Internet marketing experience and skills into practice to cater to the needs of the client. The client decided to purchase a 3 Month campaign with Silver Web Solutions. The actions we took to address the challenges included:

  • using our SEO knowledge to research the best relevant keywords targeting the market audience
  • finding five target keywords – including Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, Atlanta criminal lawyer, Atlanta criminal defense attorney, Atlanta criminal attorney and Atlanta Drug Crimes Lawyer
  • using our Internet Marketing skills and tools
  • distributing articles
  • posting content on social media websites
  • undertaking custom PDF and custom video distribution
  • bookmarking posts
  • syndicating regularly changing content through rss feeds
  • pinging all links, in-text follow links from PR1-PR4 blogs
  • boosting backlinks
  • hand creating new web profiles
  • tracking keyword and website performance closely
  • submitting performance reports to the client


The actions paid off really well for the client. The keywords went from being nowhere on Google to show up in the first few listings in the search engines within one month. Our actions resulted in:

  • higher ranking in the first page of Google for the client’s website, which meant more business for them
  • higher ranking and competitive keywords
  • more popularity for the client
  • high leads to sale conversion rate


Which Method Should I Choose?

Article Writing (the medical transportation client example)

If you have a small budget and less competition in your industry, you may go for the Article writing method. Have quality, keyword optimized content written on your website or blog on a regular basis. Updating the blog/ website regularly surely helps drive traffic to the site.

Pro – Article writing is less expensive than Internet marketing, though it involves adequate research and skilful use of keywords, ensuring optimized content, which can draw traffic to the website.

Pro – You can edit, modify, or change the published content to ensure your site has up-to-date information.

Con – Article writing does not produce quick results. You can expect to have slow results over a period of time. Thus the method is not as powerful as the Internet marketing method. Nevertheless, you can expect positive results after some time.


Internet Marketing (the criminal defense attorney example)

If you seek quick results with more competitive keywords and have laid down adequate budget for Internet marketing to market your business online, you may opt for the method chosen by the criminal defense attorney.

Pro – More powerful than the article writing method, since it involves marketing the posted content in blogs, social media sites, link building, and link and content syndication.

Pro – The method delivers quick results as far as high ranking is concerned, thanks to the use of different social media and networking sites for promotion and marketing of a business.

Con – While Internet marketing is a hit by all means, it is more expensive than article writing and posting, since it involves more research, time, and resources to bring a website to the top ranking.