Atlanta Graphic Design

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Atlanta Graphic Design

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a skill or an art that involves finding creative ways for combining text and pictures for display on books, magazines and in advertisements. It is also known as visual communication or communication design. Our Atlanta graphic design team creates graphics and logos for businesses and works on images in Photoshop. They also plays an important role in branding. This explanation shows the importance of making use of graphic design.

For proper design to be effective and communicate the words that graphic designers want, it must have the right message and target a specific group or audience. The graphic designer will use specific tools, which can include the following programs:

– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe InDesign
– Photoshop


The graphic designer also has a wide selection of elements that he has to incorporate in his work. Some of these elements required for proper graphic design include the following:

  • Value
  • Space
  • Line
  • Size
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Shape

Graphic design is everywhere. You’ll see it around you all the time while reading the morning paper or on the way to work. You’ll see the work that our Atlanta graphic designers have done on the cover of some of your favorite books, in addition to newspapers and magazines. While watching your favorite program on TV, expect to see plenty of graphic design. Other places where you are likely to see the input of graphic designers include:

  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Magazine layouts
  • Book designs
  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Logos

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What is Branding?

Graphic designers play a huge role in ensuring that companies get their branding right. Simply, branding refers to the creativity that the designer conjures to create the right image or identity for a company. Creating the right image is just but the first task that the designer has to do. The designer will have to increase his involvement when branding and contribute his skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Copywriting
  • Slogans
  • Advertising
  • Designing logos

Branding gives a company the uniqueness that will set it apart from the competition. Branding seeks to make a company easily recognizable. Furthermore, branding enables a company to find ways of projecting the right image, but only with the help of the best graphic designers. However, branding would remain unachievable if the designer is unable to grasp the goals of the organization in question properly.

In order to beat your competition with branding, consider the following principles:

  • Focusing on being the preferred choice for your customers
  • Staking your claim by promising and delivering on what the brand can do
  • Choosing the ideal customer carefully and working hard to meet his needs
  • Discovering what customers consider more important and working hard to deliver it
  • Making the buying process as easy as possible for your customers

The designer also needs to have a proper and detailed understanding of the industry in which his clients operate. The designer needs to identify ways through which to create the kind of materials that an organization needs for better representation. With time, the branding that a graphic designer creates will make the organization a household name and make it easily identifiable.

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What is Collateral (Graphic Design)?

Collateral is a term that is common in branding and refers to the collection of different media that the graphic designers utilize in promoting brands while supporting all the sales and marketing endeavors. Collateral provides tangible evidence of the brand’s existence and identity. Collateral presents the core values as well as personality that a particular brand wishes to demonstrate outwardly to promote visibility.

Collateral could also be used to refer to the tactical materials that a brand employs as part of it’s marketing and branding strategy. Collateral provides the first impression of a particular brand. It gives customers and other similarly interested observers the first look into what a specific brand stands for and is all about in terms of values, personality, products and services. Poor execution of the collateral causes untold damages. Proper execution of collateral increases sales.

Collaterals for branding, which fall within the services that graphic design offers include the following materials:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures (printed and digital)
  • Newsletters (printed and digital)
  • Magazines
  • Literature
  • Websites
  • Facebook splash pages
  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale
  • Direct Mail
  • Vehicle livery
  • Advertising
  • Signage, exhibition graphics and stands, displays
  • Keynote presentations
  • Branded PowerPoint
  • Show reels, videos and music

Importance of a Unique Logo:

A logo can either enhance or damage the reputation that a business enjoys. A logo gives a business the corporate image it needs for enhanced performance and success. The logo should be unique and strong. It must be capable of capturing attention. The logo should be easily identifiable with the company or business. A unique logo is important to a business that wishes to convince clients of its:

  • Innovativeness
  • Smart
  • Stable

Corporate image is central to the success of any business. Creating the desired image from the beginning is crucial to small businesses that do not have the required financial might to recover from slips associated with the wrong choice of logos. The creation of a logo should factor in aspects such as corporate image, target markets and business objectives to mention a few.

It’s common for a unique logo to reflect an industry in which a business operates, as this remains one of the most effective ways through which to make the company attractive to some of the prime customers. Creating a logo for the first time is just as costly as updating an existing one. When choosing a unique logo, consider the impact that it might have on the customers. Basing the unique logo on passing trends as well as marketing gimmicks is highly unadvisable.

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Benefits of Good Graphic Design

Good graphic design will help any business to achieve it’s goals systematically but completely. Good graphic designers help a business to:

  • Grab and capture attention
  • Create recall by enhancing packaging
  • Perfect for building the right image
  • Great at increasing sales
  • Boosts market standing
  • Creates goodwill with customers
  • Improves the loyalty that staff display towards the business
  • Reduces the time taken to required to market a business
  • Waging a successful war against the competition


Atlanta Graphic Design Services by Silver Web Solutions:

  • Annual Reports – professionally designed to grab the reader’s attention so that he/she continues delving deeper into the report to read what the company has achieved
  • Announcements, Invitations, Cards – these are vital during special events that a business organizes to increase visibility, introduce a new product or re-launch a product that had not been doing as well as expected
  • Advertising – central to the success of the business, thus the more reason for using graphic design properly to create all the materials required for effective advertising
  • Books
  • Broadcast and Multimedia Design
  • Brochures and Collateral (B2B or Retail) – excellent for advertising and marketing new as well as existing products that a business offers
  • Calendars –the business can give out as gifts to customers in appreciation of the relationship it has with them
  • Catalogs – the graphic designer has to create attractive and well designed catalogs, which provide customers with every bit of information they need to know about the services and products that a business offers
  • Corporate Branding Programs
  • Direct Mail and Direct Response
  • E-Book Cover Design – create the perfect cover for any eBook that a business publishes and distributes online to educate or entertain customers
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Letterhead and Stationery
  • Logos / Identity, Trademarks and Symbols
  • Retail Packaging
  • P-O-P, Trade Show Displays, Signs and Exhibits – whenever a business wants to participate in trade shows or exhibitions, it needs the graphic designer to create some “stand-out” materials to be used prior to and during the event
  • Posters –create awareness regarding specific products, events, offers and services that a business offers
  • Publication Design
  • Sales Promotion Materials – attractive sales promotional materials that are not only attractive to the eyes, but also full of relevant information regarding the business and targeting the audience to whom it’s aimed
  • Public Service and Pro Bono Projects – although this happens occasionally, our Atlanta Graphic Design company would help a business that needs these services

Call Silver Web Solutions today for all needs regarding branding, collateral and creating the right image for your business. With a wide range of graphic design services from which to choose, your business will benefit greatly.