When you want to create a PPC campaign, preparation is essential. You’ll need to implement all the tools you have to reach out to your core audience, including social media and email marketing. To build a successful campaign, you must do your research. Find out how competitive your prices are, and clearly identify what your target keywords are. You need a strategy, and here is one that works.

Know What You are Selling

Consider the items you are selling. Simplify your efforts by searching for your product online and see what types of ads come up. You’ll be able to learn what your competition is offering as far as price and options. Know what you want to promote and get specific about it for your PPC campaign.

Research Your Keywords 

Consider what your keywords are going to be by using sites such as Wordtracker. By using this tool, you’ll be able to find out what keywords could work for your campaign, and what keywords shouldn’t be used at all. While writing for SEO, the focus is getting your keywords into your copy. With a PPC campaign, you are looking at different matches that are broad, by phrase, or an exact match.

Broad matches give you some versatility. You will learn what people are typing in for your particular search term. If you are positive that you have great keywords, use an exact match to get your results. You can then add in negative keywords so that you can rule out useless results. For example, if you are selling zoom lenses for canon cameras only, you can have a keyword “professional zoom lenses” but then apply negative keywords such as “Nikkkor, Sigma” which are other brands that you aren’t selling.

Your Campaign is Built Step by Step

Your campaign will need to be specific, and you’ll have to identify Ad Groups to breakdown what you are selling. For example, if you are selling sweaters for men, women, boys and girls. You have a variety of colors, and either button down or v-neck varieties. You’ll have an Ad Group for Men’s Sweaters, with ads that use keywords “red men’s sweater, red men’s button down sweater, red men’s v-neck sweater” and so on. You’ll break down each variety by type, who it’s for, and the color of the sweater. It’s slow and steady, but the more specific you are when you create ad groups, the more likely the searcher will find exactly what they want from your company.

Each Product Needs Their Own Landing Page

Every product you are selling needs an individualized landing page with a great description of the product. A buy it now button should be clear. Your ad will link directly to this page, and your keyword will match the ad. Make sure this page loads fast to reduce lost sales from frustration.

Vary Your Ads

When you create your ads, change up the words in your text ads to see which ones perform the best. You’ll be able to determine which ads are clicked, and what works for your business.

Author Biography:

Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, a complete SMS software with mass SMS messaging, smart targeting and automation.