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Prepare for Your PPC Campaign by Taking These Important Steps

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When you want to create a PPC campaign, preparation is essential. You’ll need to implement all the tools you have to reach out to your core audience, including social media and email marketing. To build a successful campaign, you must do your research. Find out how competitive your prices are, and clearly identify what your target keywords are. You need a strategy, and here is one that works.

Know What You are Selling

Consider the items you are selling. Simplify your efforts by searching for your product online and see what types of ads come up. You’ll be able to learn what your competition is offering as far as price and options. Know what you want to promote and get specific about it for your PPC campaign.

Research Your Keywords 

Consider what your keywords are going to be by using sites such as Wordtracker. By using this tool, you’ll be able to find out what keywords could work for your campaign, and what keywords shouldn’t be used at all. While writing for SEO, the focus is getting your keywords into your copy. With a PPC campaign, you are looking at different matches that are broad, by phrase, or an exact match.

Broad matches give you some versatility. You will learn what people are typing in for your particular search term. If you are positive that you have great keywords, use an exact match to get your results. You can then add in negative keywords so that you can rule out useless results. For example, if you are selling zoom lenses for canon cameras only, you can have a keyword “professional zoom lenses” but then apply negative keywords such as “Nikkkor, Sigma” which are other brands that you aren’t selling.

Your Campaign is Built Step by Step

Your campaign will need to be specific, and you’ll have to identify Ad Groups to breakdown what you are selling. For example, if you are selling sweaters for men, women, boys and girls. You have a variety of colors, and either button down or v-neck varieties. You’ll have an Ad Group for Men’s Sweaters, with ads that use keywords “red men’s sweater, red men’s button down sweater, red men’s v-neck sweater” and so on. You’ll break down each variety by type, who it’s for, and the color of the sweater. It’s slow and steady, but the more specific you are when you create ad groups, the more likely the searcher will find exactly what they want from your company.

Each Product Needs Their Own Landing Page

Every product you are selling needs an individualized landing page with a great description of the product. A buy it now button should be clear. Your ad will link directly to this page, and your keyword will match the ad. Make sure this page loads fast to reduce lost sales from frustration.

Vary Your Ads

When you create your ads, change up the words in your text ads to see which ones perform the best. You’ll be able to determine which ads are clicked, and what works for your business.

Author Biography:

Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, a complete SMS software with mass SMS messaging, smart targeting and automation.

Atlanta SEO Company – Internet Marketing Company in Atlanta, GA

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A compilation of all Atlanta SEO Company marketing videos from Silver Web Solutions (Atlanta, GA) from the last two years. Services including Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing, Article Writing, Web Design and Logo Design. Visit for more information.


The Kings of Internet

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The Internet seems to have become an inseparable part of our lives, which has revolutionized the world and touched every one of us. A few names simply stand out from the rest when it comes to picking the Kings of Internet. These are the people who have changed the way I think and perceive things, and interact with others. I have picked some of the leading names in the world of Internet who have transformed Internet into a huge marketplace, making a difference to our lives.

Email Autoresponder – Andre’ Chaperon – Find him on His Site


Internet marketer and entrepreneur, Andre’ Chaperon is a king in the world of affiliate marketing. Andre’ is highly skilled in using emails to promote his client’s products and services as an affiliate. Beginning his career in October 2003, Andre’ invented his revolutionary email marketing system that has simply changed the way Internet marketing is done. His Autoresponder Madness is touted to be the best email marketing course ever, while his 28-week Tiny Little Businesses course has the key to starting a successful business.

Expired Domains – Jon Haver – Find him on His Site

Jon Haver 1

Here’s a gentleman who makes $3k from one of his 150 sites built in the last 5 years. A mechanical engineer by profession, Jon Haver is a highly successful web publisher, who has carved a niche for himself in the field of the Internet. The dream to achieve financial freedom keeps Jon on tenterhooks to stay on top with the developments in the Internet industry and provide valuable content for readers. Jon envisions making a monthly income of $15k by his 35th birthday, and he seems well on his way.

Facebook Ads – Jon Loomer – Find him on His Site


Another inspiring name in the field of Internet is Jon Loomer, who trains advanced Facebook marketers to maximize profits through the use of Facebook marketing. Jon has mastered the science of Facebook metrics that help you measure results of your Facebook marketing campaign. Through his deep knowledge of everything Facebook, he is the best person to approach when it comes to determining a successful Facebook strategy for your business that will enable you to optimize your Facebook marketing efforts.

Facebook Marketing & Business – Mari Smith – Find her on Her Site

mari smith

The only “Queen” on this list, Mari Smith is a widely-recognized social media speaker and trainer. The premier Facebook expert, Mari is the author of The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day. A veteran in the genre, she was recently named as one of the top ten Social Media Influencers by Forbes. Recognizing Mari’s social media acumen and talent, Fast Company describes her as a “veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and the Pied Piper of the Online World.”

Fiverr – Michal Witkowski – Find him on His Site


It won’t be wrong to dub Michal Witkowski as the Fiverr guru. The 34-year-old polish custodian knows a good deal about the secret of making money on Fiverr, having himself earned $17,772 selling part-time services. Michal reveals that the secret to his success lies in “leveraging big brand marketing and other people’s work.”

Google Plus – Martin Shervington – Find him on His Site


A Google Plus marketing expert, Martin Shervington is both a consultant and executive coach, who has been “empowering” others as an author and marketing consultant, personality development trainer, and executive coach for the past 15 years. A fantastic resource to boost your Google Plus knowledge, Martin is widely popular for his two communities on Google+ – Plus Your Life! and Plus Your Business! Martin has authored numerous books, including Developmental Coaching: A Personal Development Programme for Executives, Professionals and Coaches.

Google Plus – Mark Traphagen – Find him on His Site

Mark Traphagan

Social media expert Mark Traphagen has established himself as an authority in Google Plus marketing. Mark helps his clients build social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and attract natural links and social signals. Mark has earned a great reputation as an expert on Google Authorship. He is a name to be reckoned with in the field of influencer marketing. A sought-after speaker for major online marketing conferences, he regularly writes for the Stone Temple Consulting Blog, along with several leading online publications.

Inbound Marketing – Marcus Sheridan – Find him on His Site


A content marketing speaker and inbound marketing expert, Marcus Sheridan is the owner of The Sales Lion and a partner at River Pools and Spa. As a motivational speaker for businesses, Marcus is committed to spreading the secret about inbound marketing and helping businesses build their brand, raise brand awareness, and reach their potential. Known for his zeal and enthusiasm, he is a popular social media speaker, thought leader, and expert. He has authored Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy eBook, which is available for free on the Internet.

Internet Marketing – Frank Kern – Find him on His Site

Frank Kern 6

Internet marketing expert Frank Kern is a successful Internet marketer who has all the tricks of the trade to help clients dominate their market online. Regarded as the top Internet marketing guru, Frank derives a huge chunk of his monthly income from his Internet marketing consultancy services, helping others create an actionable plan to increase sales and profits in the long run.

Internet Marketing – Glen Allsopp – Find him on His Site

Glen allsopp

As someone who started making thousands of dollars at the age of 17, Glen Allsopp is a successful Social Media Manager for fortune 500 companies and a highly reputed affiliate marketer. He is widely popular for his guide to becoming a digital nomad – with tricks and resources for beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers. His blog ViperChill is a hot favorite with Internet marketers, with tips and tricks to successfully survive in the Cloud.

Internet Marketing – Neil Patel – Find him on His Site


Dubbed as a top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal, Neil Patel is one of the top 10 online marketers in the world and a successful serial entrepreneur. As a digital marketing guru, Neil is a speaker, blogger, and consultant, who is committed to helping others understand tricks of monster traffic generation. He is highly renowned for his two revolutionary customer analytics programs – KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg – co-founded with Hiten Shah.

Internet Marketing – Noah Kagen – Find him on His Site


American Internet entrepreneur Noah Kagen is an online marketing expert and founder of AppSumo – a daily deals website. He started the website, which has over 70,000 active subscribers today, with a vision to help solve distribution for startups and digital goods. Noah has worked with Facebook as a product manager, where he pioneered Facebook status update and its mobile application.

Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing- Pat Flynn – Find him on His Site

Pat Flynn 7

Internet marketing guru Pat Flynn is a highly reputed thought leader in the digital marketing niche and online entrepreneurship.  His blog is the fastest growing blog, offering free advice and tips to generate passive income on the Internet through websites. He is renowned for his authentic principles and transparent leadership style who is keen to inspire and educate others on how to succeed in the Internet marketplace.

LinkedIn – Lewis Howes – Find him on His Site

Lewis Howes 8

LinkedIn expert, Lewis Howes has authored LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn … the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website
– the #1 LinkedIn & Webinar Book. A social media marketing master, Lewis is a speaker and author, who teaches everything about maximizing LinkedIn for your professional career growth and generating more leads, sales, and income. He is recognized for his skills in LinkedIn Consulting, Social Media Consulting, Webinar Marketing, and Sports Social Media, guiding others how to leverage Internet marketing and make thousands of dollars monthly.

Networking – Keith Ferrazzi – Find him on His Site

keith ferrazzi

A dynamic speaker, Keith Ferrazzi has carved a niche for himself in the Internet marketplace as one of the Internet networking masters and top thought leaders in American business, listed among the leading “40 Under 40” business leaders by Crain’s Business. As a bestselling author, he has penned several books, including Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time and Who’s Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success–and Won’t Let You Fail. The World Economic Forum named Ferrazzi as a “Global Leader of Tomorrow.”   He began his career as the youngest Chief Marketing Officer in the Fortune 500 at Deloitte Consulting.

Landing Pages and Opt-ins – Clay Collins – Find him on His Site


A successful online entrepreneur, Clay Collins is the brain behind the success of LeadPages website. As a master in lead page generation, Clay creates a suite of tried and tested marketing tools for his clients to help them generate more leads, build a larger business, and grow wider audiences. LeadPages is so popular that some of the leading online marketers use the innovative landing page generator to grow their brand. Clay shares the proven tips on how to get people on your list through landing pages.

Online Business – Gary Vaynerchuk – Find him on His Site

Gary Vaynerchuk

Author, entrepreneur, and angel investor, Gary Vaynerchuk went from America’s Wine Guy to become a successful online entrepreneur. Gary is the CEO of Vayner Media – a New York City-based social media and digital branding agency. As a celebrated author, Gary is passionate about story-telling and has penned many books, including Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, The Thank You Economy, and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

Product Launch – Jeff Walker – Find him on His Site

jeff walker

Another celebrated Internet marketer on the list of kings of Internet is Jeff Walker – the brain behind the innovative Product Launch Formula. Internet marketer extraordinaire, Jeff Walker has leveraged the power of the Internet to generate over $400 million in sales over a period of 15 years, building an empire from scratch. He is the Founder, CEO of Internet Alchemy.

SEO (White Hat) – Rand Fishkin – Find him on His Site


Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of the Art of SEO, Moz, and Rand has been named as one of the top tech entrepreneurs by Business Week. He believes that the best way to sell something is to “earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.” He is passionate about all things content, search, and social on the Internet. Reputed as an inbound marketing expert, Rand has had a big impact on the search marketing industry. His company Moz serves as a hub for search marketers, with a huge resource of tools, education, and paid services.

SEO (Grey Hat)/Internet MarketingMatthew Woodward – Find him on His Site

Matthew Woodward 9

An award-winning Internet marketer, Mathew Woodward is a well-known authority in the affiliate marketing and blogging space. He shares some of the best tools of the trade and secrets to engaging audience online on his blog. His blog is ranked among the top 100 blogs on the list of Technorati Top 100 Business Blogs merely one year after inception. Thanks to his exceptional blogging, SEO, and Internet marketing skills, he has turned into a powerhouse.

SEO Services – Mike Silverman – Find him on His Site


Mike Silverman is the brains behind the highly reputed Silver Web Solutions – an authority in the SEO niche. A social optimization guru, Mike knows all the tricks of white/gray hat search engine optimization, helping his client websites to be ranked on the first page of Google. He works closely with his clients to provide the best customized services with regards to the client’s needs. Silver Web Solutions has grown into one of the leading professional Internet Marketing and SEO firms, with many credits to it, providing affordable Internet marketing solutions to small and large businesses.

Solo Ads – Igor Kheifets

igor kheifets

Internet marketing guru Igor Kheifets is the next big name on the list of Kings of Internet. The Ukranina has defied the odds to scale new heights of financial freedom. Through his website, he reveals unknown secrets to success in the Internet marketplace within 48 hours or less. Igor is a name to be reckoned with when it comes to lead generation and Internet marketing.

Video Traffic – James Wedmore – Find him on His Site

james wedmore

Video Traffic Academy founder, James Wedmore has become an authority in the video marketing niche, helping clients attract high quality leads and sales for their business. The YouTube expert knows everything about creating hypnotic videos to drive floods of traffic for online growth. According to James, video marketing success lies in video optimization, video value, and video aftermath.

YouTube – Derral Eves – Find him on His Site

derral eves

A reputed video and YouTube marketing and SEO consultant, Derral Eves is an Internet Marketing specialist, well-known author, speaker, trainer and coach. With over 15 years of experience as an Internet marketer, Derral uses innovative tricks and tips to convert traffic into dollars, turn leads into sales, make video views into money, and  find and maintain customers through video strategies.

Who would you add to this list.  Leave your response below.


Professional SEO Services | Ethical and Professional SEO Services

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Professional SEO Services | Ethical and Professional SEO Services


Providing Ethical and Professional SEO Services to Businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Silver Web Solutions has been in business since 2000 assisting businesses with ranking on Page 1 of Google for numerous industries. Let us provide your company with ethical and professional SEO services so you stand out from your competition. Call Us Today at 678-714-0034!




Website Maintenance Service Atlanta

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Website Maintenance Service Atlanta


An Ethical and Professional Website Maintenance Service Atlanta company, Silver Web Solutions specializes in monthly web maintenance for static websites, e-commerce sites and WordPress.  Let us help take away the stress of updating and backing up your website on a monthly basis. Our affordable monthly web maintenance service plans are available for all budgets. Please contact us at 678-714-0034 today.



Atlanta Internet Marketing

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Atlanta Internet Marketing

Atlanta Internet Marketing company Silver Web Solutions (678-714-0034) helps your business gain new customers and assists you with your online marketing efforts. Being an Internet Marketing company in Atlanta, we will share our many years of Internet Marketing experience with you so you may succeed. Be sure to contact our Atlanta Internet Marketing firm today at 678-714-0034.




Article Writing Services – Getting FRESH Content for Search Engines

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Article Writing Services



Professional Article Writing Services by Atlanta’s own Silver Web Solutions.

Are you tired of seeing all your competitors on Page 1 of Google…and YOUR company is nowhere to be found?

Ever wonder what what your competitors are doing to rank so HIGH on the search engines?

Most probably, they are writing ARTICLES on an ONGOING BASIS and placing them on their own website, blogs or social network sites.

Ya see, Google LOVES fresh content…and consistent article writing is the best FRESH CONTENT you can provide for your website or blog.

So what if I’m not a good writer you say? … NO PROBLEM!

Silver Web Solutions provides weekly article writing services for you. Want to see some writing samples? Just email us.

Not only do we provide fresh content for you on a weekly basis, but we can also publish it to your own blog or website and hyperlink all the pertinent keywords to their appropriate pages.

REALLY, you just sit back and let US do the work.

Remember, if you do not update your website on a consistent basis, Google and the other search engines may deem you as “UNIMPORTANT.”

You’re not unimportant. You are VERY important, so please contact Mike Silverman at Mike (at) SilverWebSolutions (dot) com to get your business moving forward with Article Writing Services.



Atlanta Internet Marketing | Atlanta SEO Company

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Atlanta Internet Marketing


An Atlanta Internet Marketing / Atlanta SEO Company that helps convert your website visitors into paying customers through professional and affordable search engine optimization ( SEO ), and Atlanta Internet Marketing services. Call Us Today at 678-714-0034!