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It wasn’t long ago that attorney SEO was not even a consideration. Attorney marketing was limited to the local yellow pages, billboards, and for those who could afford it, short television advertisements. At that time, many ignored the fact that a website was essential to running a thriving law practice. Today it is widely recognized that a high ranking website offers useful information about firms to the consumer in need of information. Such a website may also be utilized as a powerful lawyer marketing tool which will appeal to prospective clients.

It is vital to first comprehend exactly why search engines are so important to attorneys. Search engines such as Google and Bing are made use of by information-seekers who would like to find out more about a specific product or service. If your business website does not show up within search engines whenever various related keywords are searched for, the chances are extremely high that you’re missing out on gaining clients and the extra profits they would provide.

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SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, works to make a website even more visible by having it rank higher within Google searches, as well as within additional search engine results. There have been several studies completed in connection with consumer behavior and search engines. These studies have shown that individuals searching for a particular product or service rarely ever search any further than pages 1 or 2 when presented with their search results. The primary reason for this is that the further away one gets from the first page, the less accurate and fine-tuned the information becomes.

Attorney SEO works to change all this by keeping attorneys ahead of their competition in the search engine rankings. Of course most law firms are now aware of this, so most do seek the assistance of an SEO expert. What this means is that SEO competition within the marketplace is pretty intense. Today, hiring someone with expert search engine optimization skills is going to be necessary in order to have websites rank high for specific keywords. This is particularly true in metropolitan areas where there is simply more competition in place.

This type of aggressive Internet marketing for attorneys is somewhat new for many. Prior to the Internet becoming so widely accessible, the humble phone book was the main source of lawyer marketing. The phone book advertising process was not entirely different than what we see today with search engines, as attorneys would jockey to see who could have their advertisement show up on page one of the attorney section. The similarities stop here however, as attorney SEO marketing is much more complicated than placing a simple ad within the local yellow pages.

The results of a Nielson study which was recently completed tells a powerful tale. This study showed that 3 out of every 4 people who are in search of a lawyer now make their selection based upon Internet advertising (as opposed to other forms of advertising). What this says is that those in need of assistance are most likely to turn to the search engines first to find the help they need. If you’ve disregarded attorney SEO marketing, will it be your website that they discover while searching, or the website of one of your competitors?

A strong web presence provides qualified leads.  As pointed out above, prospective clients are seeking assistance and are prepared to select a lawyer while doing so. Should they be searching for an attorney and your website is what shows up first in the search result, you have a much better chance of them choosing your services over those offered by other attorneys who have websites which rank underneath yours. The higher your website ranks, the higher your potential earnings. The formula is quite simple and attorney SEO can help ensure that you experience these results.

Even the flashiest website in the world will do little good if it cannot be found. The website must be a part of any strong lawyer marketing plan, as this is what tells prospective clients precisely which services you offer. A great website is a must. Without it, prospective clients may hit the back button and continue their search. A great website, combined with a solid attorney SEO marketing plan, is virtually guaranteed to ensure that information seekers not only find you, but select you.

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SEO data happens to be more measurable than other advertising formats. Precise data pertaining to your website should be readily available as supplied by applications which are utilized to supply analytic data. The data will tell you how many visitors are coming to your website; which pages they are visiting; the amount of time they are remaining on the website; their geographic location; the keywords which were used to find the website; and more.  Analytics provides you with insight which can make any lawyer web marketing plan even better.

Attorney SEO could possibly take the place of all other types of promotion which is excellent news for those who are trying to advertise while adhering to a budget. Considering the existing trends in how people are now finding data and attorney services, it is quite clear that the Internet is the primary information for many. By making use of this powerful source, any additional lawyer marketing costs may be completely eliminated over time. The market is competitive, but the Internet is powerful enough to provide more than enough exposure to keep your business on top.

The goal with attorney search engine marketing is to always receive the maximum achievable ROI. There are several possibilities, such as low risk/low return, low risk/high return, high risk/low return. Clearly, a lower level of risk with a higher return is most desirable. Consider just one retainer in relation to the cost to obtain it. Assuming that you spent $500 in advertising, but profited $10,000, it quickly becomes clear that the return on your lawyer marketing services was substantial. A professional SEO firm can provide you with this type of ROI.

SEO marketing makes it easy for you to catch the attention of not only prospective clients, but also the clients which are specifically searching for the types of services you provide. You can have your website specially designed in order to attract specific types of clients. For instance, you may want to appeal specifically to high dollar clients, taking on less work, but generating substantial profits with each job. It is possible to have your website designed specifically to target this demographic, with your attorney SEO keywords matching this targeted group.

Keep in mind that even if prospective clients are already familiar with your name and services, they may still use search engines to access your website, contact information, and more. Internet users are keenly aware that the search engines are go-to sources of fast and accurate information. Just because someone is vaguely familiar with your services does not mean that this person will not use Google, or another search engine to seek you out. This is yet another perk of effective attorney SEO marketing.

The old-fashioned phone book may still exist, but it is primarily the older generations which still use it. The vast majority of the people who are in search of your services are going to be looking for you online. The important thing is that your website needs to be ranking for the specific search keywords which outline areas of your practice. This can include more general terms which are used when seeking the services of an attorney. Marketing for lawyers is extremely important, and must include solid attorney SEO services in order to produce excellent results.

Additionally, attorneys are often viewed as figures of authority and professionalism. Those who handle the marketing side of their business well are much more likely to be viewed in this manner. This will of course lead to more leads, more referrals, and more paying clients. Stagnation or growth? This is what it all comes down to. Attorney SEO marketing does not stop at having a professional website designed and published. There is much more to consider if your website is to be noticed by the masses.

Your firm probably has a website which is well-designed and professional. But if this website is not optimized and it does not show up on the first page of search engine results, the website offers very little value as a tool for bringing in new business. Most lawyer websites simply act as a service brochure and not actually any type of serious marketing tool. In order to be successful in new client generation, your website absolutely has to be discovered by those who search for information online.

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