WordPress Migration Service

Our WordPress Migration Service Will Transfer Your WordPress Site to A New Host

Wordpress Migration Service - Transfer WordPress from one host to another

With our WordPress Migration Service, Silver Web Solutions has a 15 year proven track record of helping clients transfer their WordPress site to a new host or domain. We employ specialists who are highly trained and experienced to safely and efficiently transfer your WordPress site and have you up and running within a few days.

Two of the more important issues clients are concerned about are how to migrate a WordPress website and how to transfer an existing WordPress website to a new host. Our service provides answers to those questions and solutions to these problems in a variety of ways.

The Difference Between Transfer and Migration of WordPress Data

Clients who are not familiar with technical terminology need to know the difference between migrating a WordPress site to new domain, host, or server and transferring a WordPress site to a new domain, host or server. A transfer is usually a simple move of the existing data from one location to another. Migration is generally more involved, as it may require some type of data conversion or adjustments to the existing data before the WordPress installation is completed.

Hosting Site Costs

There are a number of reasons a business or individual may want to transfer their WordPress site, one of the most common is to save money. As bandwidth and storage costs increase, the opportunity to migrate a WordPress installation to another hosting site is practical. With the price of hosting services falling through competition and the availability of higher quality technology, it is good business sense to consider a professional WordPress migration service.

Host Service Security

Another reason is that in today’s world of hackers and compromised data, website security is paramount. When a WordPress user has their domain or site security compromised, it places not only the company’s reputation at risk but also the data of its users. The business of blogging and social media has become a cornerstone of many online companies, and any perception of customers being in an unsafe environment risks losing existing customers and potential customers.

Money and Bandwidth

Many times a company will migrate a WordPress site to new host due to bandwidth issues. This sometimes involves saving money, but there is also a technical side to the decision. Though many hosting services offer unlimited bandwidth, there are actual limitations the hosting service places on the customer. The expectation is that most users will not exceed the prescribed limit the hosting service offers in its advertising. When companies exceed the limits and they discover that it will be too costly to continue with the existing hosting service, migrating WordPress to a new host is simply good business.

Success and Bandwidth

Success and bandwidth are a common reason to transfer a WordPress site to new host. The initial contract for the hosting service may have been great for a startup business, but the success of the company and the WordPress blog have placed extreme demands on the download speeds of the web site content. With today’s technology, the patience of users gets exhausted quickly, and a slow site will soon find users leaving in droves for wider bandwidth. The more bandwidth the WordPress site is able to use, the faster the user experience. Bandwidth is generally priced on the customer’s usage over a monthly period. Additional bandwidth costs less per gigabyte when the monthly volume moves up to the next tier.

Upgrading the Server

There are clients who choose to remain with their existing hosting service, but want to migrate their WordPress site to a new server. Silver Web Solutions offers this service as well and can provide a seamless transition. Increased demand on an existing platform or the need for a more secure server are two reasons businesses upgrade their server.


While it is possible that a business owner can choose to migrate the WordPress site themselves, there are clear dangers that lie ahead. The biggest danger is that should an error be made in the migration the business could result in the entire business being shut down for an indeterminable amount of time. Silver Web Solutions strongly recommends that business avoid this risk altogether and choose a reputable and competent company that will handle the managed WordPress migration.

If you are looking for a managed WordPress migration solution, contact us so we can get started immediately. We have many satisfied clients in the United States and Canada who have discovered our solutions are cost-effective, and we conduct business in a highly professional and ethical manner.

Our work comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. For the client, this means we guarantee there will be no data loss or downtime as a result of any WordPress migration. We are a versatile company with experience in Joomla, Magento, and cloud migration services, as well as simple HTML sites. We will make all the necessary DNS changes, email migration, and setup.

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