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Outdoor Billboard Advertising…worked on me!!!

February 16th, 2010 Posted by Advertising, Outdoor Billboard Advertising No Comment yet

Outdoor Billboard Advertising…worked on me!!! As a provider of professional web design services and affordable search engine optimization, I often consult with clients on ways to help with their internet marketing. As I am sure you already know, numerous research has concluded that outdoor billboard advertising offers relatively low ROI.

While recently traveling from Atlanta to Jacksonville Beach, hundreds of billboards paved the highways from Georgia to Florida. Our family normally stops off for lunch in Valdosta, GA. This time, however, I wanted a change. Outdoor billboard advertising worked on me! Stomachs were rumbling and this billboard was positioned in the right place at the right time…Enter Smok’n Pig BBQ. Their advertising worked and they received $29.00 for our patronage.

Not all businesses should invest in outdoor advertising. However, those in the restaurant and travel industries should definitely consider this in conjunction with their online marketing efforts.

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