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Silver Web Solutions uses multiple strategies to result in leads for our clients.  Through our propriety methods including pay per lead sites, we have fine-tuned a process that only sends your business qualified leads.  We tweak this process constantly to ensure the highest closing rate possible.

Pay Per LeadPay Per Leads are EXCLUSIVE for you.  We do not sell them to other companies.

No start up. No commitment. No extra fees, or cancellation fees. No competition: we provide you with exclusive leads.

We can bypass un-qualified calls with our pay per lead advertising techniques.

Do not confuse this with pay per lead affiliate programs or networks.

Silver Web Solutions is one of the top Pay Per Lead companies in the United States.

Whether you want pay per lead for roofing or attorneys, we cover most verticals.

Our pay per lead marketing may consist of some or all of the following:

Pay Per Lead – Email Leads:

  • If applicable, email leads will result from different propriety forms of online and/or offline marketing.
  • An email lead will contain up-to-date contact information of potential clients, including company name, contact person, phone number(s), email, and which service or interest.
  • All information will be emailed directly to you from a business landing page to be designed and programmed by Silver Web Solutions.


Pay Per Lead – Phone Leads:

  • Phone leads will result from different propriety forms of online and/or offline marketing.
  • All leads are identified by the Partner as someone who may be of interest or who would gain by the many benefits of Silver Web Solutions’ marketing application and services.
  • Live Phone Calls (where the Partner answers the phone) under 30 seconds will not be charged a lead.
  • Missed Calls where the Partner is unavailable and the prospect leaves a message is charged per lead. You may set specific hours.
  • If the Partner feels a call should not qualify as a paid lead, the Partner may contact Silver Web Solutions with a written request to waive fee.
  • All Call Numbers, Tracking Software, and Marketing Costs will be paid by Silver Web Solutions. The Partner will have no out-of–pocket expenses with this Pay Per Lead campaign.


  • A fee TBD per pre-qualified lead will be invoiced weekly and will be paid to Silver Web Solutions via credit card.  A credit card authorization form will be sent to you after we partner.

    Let’s get your phone ringing.  Call me (Mike L. Silverman) today at 678-714-0034 or contact me here.


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