Nightclub Marketing Atlanta

You have found the #1 Nightclub Marketing Atlanta has to offer!

We work exclusively with nightclubs, lounges, bars and restaurants in the Atlanta area helping them get A LOT MORE foot traffic in their clubs.

We do this with SMS Text messaging which is sent to mobile phones of people who are interested in nightlife, dancing, fill in the blank.

Our Nightclub Marketing can target per interest, or by Male/Female, or AGE, or any type of demographic you provide.

You tell us what “type” of clientele you want, and we market to that exact demographic.

We know that Nightclub owners have different goals…

  • Some want to build a list to market to
  • Others want to send a text blast out to an existing list
  • Others do it for branding purposes.

Let’s say for example we send out 10,000 messages to people who love dancing.

The average response rate to any sort of mass marketing is usually ONE PERCENT.

So that means that we have the potential to put 100 bodies in your establishment.

What helps with this is a promotion!

Anything to get people to come to your club. That may include:

  • Free drinks for the ladies
  • Buy one, get one free admission
  • Free admission before 9PM


Pricing Information

Our pricing is based on the average value of a patron at your club for one evening.

So depending on the club, it’s going to vary…

We are finding $40 is the average value per person for an evening.

Therefore with this taken into consideration, we have 3 options at different price points:

#1. 10,000 messages: the cost is $750. So remember, if we send out 10,000 messages, and get a 1% response rate, that’s 100 bodies in the door – MULTIPLIED by an average of $40 as the value of a customer. So that comes to $4000 in revenue from a $750 advertising blast.

#2. 7000 messages is $600.

#3. 5000 messages would be $500 per blast.


We bill in advance by credit card.

However, since we have no relationship yet, we know there is hesitancy to hand over money before any nightclub marketing has commenced.

Therefore, we always ask for 50% upfront for the very first nightclub marketing campaign with a new club-owner.

A credit card authorization form or a PayPal Submit link will be provided to begin.

Please feel free to text us at (678) 468-8203 for more information about nightclub marketing to Atlanta patrons.