Internet Marketing FAQ

Internet Marketing FAQ

How many links may I expect?

Since we do not want to produce low quality links, we do not make estimates about the amount of links you will receive. We have observed that services selling packages on the basis of number of backlinks are often tempted to use spammy tools, which produce low quality links. Our focus and commitment to produce quality content and its placement in the right places set us apart from the competition. Since our staff prepares the core resources ourselves, the content stays longer in the search engines, with the links embedded into the posts. This will help you get quality placements, with links coming back to your website from multiple IP addresses.

How Long Will My Website Take To Rank High?

A number of factors determine the rate of rise. If your key phrase is unique and not overly competitive, you can quickly rise within a matter of a few days. In case of a competitive market, it may take longer. Further, it may take you some time and investment to own a top position if the result is worth enough in commercial terms.

There are SEO Companies that offer fake promises of number one rankings. However, the reality is that many factors are beyond our control that affect ranking. For example, changes in Google ranking algorithm. We have been able to achieve some spectacular results for our customers. So far we did not have a search term that cannot be improved eventually. We suggest not using unrealistic terms. Our team is proficient in quality marketing techniques.

Who is responsible for preparing the content?

Our well-trained and experienced staff creates PDFs, articles, press releases, and videos. We use pictures from our original photography library. Or we may even purchase images for your project. We request that you supply any of your technical content or pictures that you need posted.

Is there EXCLUSIVITY for professions and industries?

We are against sharing the same key phrases with two clients. Though we cannot promise exclusivity, we make sure we do not deliberately optimize your website for specific phrases. However, still if that happens, we will refund. We cannot work on the following key phrases, which include: online marketing, internet marketing, website marketing and promotion, affiliate marketing, content creation and distribution, internet marketing product review, Mike L. Silverman, and SEO related phrases.

We do not work on any site that violate Google Adsense policies!

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