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Internet Marketing Consulting in Atlanta Speak On The Phone (or Skype/FaceTime Video) Live With Mike L. Silverman, Internet Marketing Consultant in ATLANTA, GA, With Over 18 Years Of Experience In The Industry!


If you feel overwhelmed by the abundant obstacles in starting and making your business visible on the Internet, you’re not alone! There are many people out there who share your feelings.

Whether you’re creating a website or you need to come up with a creative concept on how to strategically step up your business and increase your presence in the market, then my Internet Marketing Consulting Service is specifically for you.

Online marketing is very dynamic, fast and a changing field, and very much challenging to the inexperienced.

Traffic is the lifeline of Internet Marketing. You may have the best product or service on the market, but if you don’t make it accessible to people, you simply won’t make sales.

“My Internet Marketing Consulting Simplifies
Internet Marketing Like No Other Consulting Firm.”

What I will do for you…

  • I will help you increase your business presence and attract potential customers.
  • I will assist you in formatting the content on your website for optimal result.
  • I will help you set up structures so search engines will index you to boost your presence.
  • I will help you to increase your business brand awareness.
  • I will help to increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • I will help you come up with a creative concept, whether you’re creating a website or building a new landing page.
  • I will help you implement your new or old product launch using one of my proven strategies in Internet advertising and marketing.
  • I will help you with all things: Social Media.
  • I will discuss an Email Marketing plan and implementation.

My Promise…..

I will help you get over the frustrating step of “How to do it” and “What to do” to help your business move forward with regards to Internet Marketing.

How I Work…

I use strategic methods in the area of Internet Marketing Consulting so that your business can achieve better results.

This is it…….

I will spend 1 hour on the phone, Skype or Apple Facetime discussing with you how your business should make the best use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), how you can register on local search and national directories, SEO, email marketing, podcasting, web design consulting, search engine marketing, and more.

Implementing what you learn from this 1 hour consultation will pay for itself quickly.

I have helped small to mid-sized business get ranked in the #3, #2, and #1 position on the search engines. These were clients that were nowhere to be found on Google.

Mike nailed it! We first discussed strategy, and then he quickly implemented non-disruptive changes to my website. Within 30 days my site was coming up #1, 2, or 3 on the Google searches we had targeted. Mike knows SEO. I’m recommending him to all my associates.

Doug Guice
Essential Technology Services, Inc.

Started in 1997, Silver Web Solutions of Atlanta, GA helps you convert your website visitors into paying customers with professional and affordable search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Consulting Services.

I am aware that setting up a business and trying to go through the process of “How to do it” and “What to do” in trying to increase your business presence online can be frustrating in the midst of millions of websites. I will help your business move forward at an affordable rate of $177 per hour by phone.

P S. Remember, Milan Kundera said, “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation” I will help you achieve these functions effectively. Take action now!

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MIKE L. SILVERMAN is the Managing Director and Owner of Silver Web Solutions, a web consulting, design and search engine optimization firm in North Atlanta (Gwinnett County.) Mr. Silverman is a former Yankee (Long Island, NY) and has lived in the south for 30 years. He is married sixteen years and has a 14 year old boy. He may be reached at Mike(at)SilverWebSolutions(dot)com or call 678-714-0034.